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God is Love

“God is love.” How many times have we heard or said those words, glibly taking their meaning for granted and assuming everyone else agrees? Yet, there is nothing more fundamental to an understanding of spirituality or even life itself then those three simple little words. From time immemorial love has been associated with the heart. Humanity from all over the globe has identified the source of love, both human and divine, as coming from the heart. Ask any child where they feel love and it is likely they would point to their heart, so ingrained is the notion within one’s consciousness. But, how are we to know the true meaning and purpose of God’s love? If love springs eternally from the heart, what is the heart of God, and how do we come to understand what that means for our own lives? 

Consider, for a moment, the human heart. This most marvelous of organs beats within us without ceasing or rest, supplying the entire body with life-giving blood. It never tires. It adapts its operation to all of our needs. It feeds the body through the blood. It is the great engine within us, allowing us to live and move and have our being in the physical world. When it stops, our physical life ceases within a matter of minutes. Yet, it is more than these things to humanity for it is associated with love and feeling and with that quality which makes us uniquely human-the capacity to know and express love and to be able thus to grow in wisdom. As human beings we identify ourselves with this capacity to love and grow in wisdom more than with any other quality. 

It is the quality of love which draws us together in groups of all types, from the basic family unit to greater communities, to the greatest of nations. Communal life or the gathering together in a common goal is at the very root of the purpose of love. Basic science has taught us that any group has an over-shadowing consciousness and purpose. Whether that group is a collection of atoms or an organ within a body or a community of souls, for example, the principal just outlined applies. The individual units within any group retain their individuality, but if those units are drawn together in common purpose then a greater force or intelligence beyond that of the individual group members comes into play which guides the progress and destiny of the collected group. 

This idea of greater purpose and group relatedness is the beginning of our understanding of this question: “What is the heart of God”? Even the most materialistic scientist would have to admit there is a mysterious force beyond our comprehension which binds all things together and gives the resulting groups a purpose and a life of their own. 

It has been said in many different ways that God is love. Is it too difficult to recognize that even a statement such as “All is energy” is an equivalent statement to “God is love”? All of the world’s great religions have equivalent statements that attest to God’s universal love. 

Let us carry this idea of groups through some examples to make the preceding points more clear. An atom, for example, has certain characteristics depending upon what type of atom it is. If one combines various types of atoms into a chemical compound then the chemical compound thus formed takes on its own characteristics. Yet, the individual atoms within the compound retain their individuality. The same sort of thing can be said of an organ in one’s body, as another example. The cells within any organ are all individual and have lives of their own. But when those cells function as an organ then that collection of cells expresses much more than the individual cells in the group and the organ takes on a life, and indeed, a rudimentary consciousness and purpose of its own. One can carry such analogies out ad infinitum. From a group of atoms to the grandest of galaxies, all groups are expressions of myriads of individuals comprising ever-greater and majestic groups. The common thread which runs through all groups in the universe is this principle we call love, underpinning an intelligence or consciousness of some sort. 

Everyone knows that a group of people, when united in common purpose, takes on a life and an individuality of its own. This is true of human groups of all types, whether the group is a mob in the streets or a great religious gathering, for example. It is unity of purpose and the binding element which organizes and animates any group-literally, any group. This unity of purpose and organization within group life speaks of another facet of love-identification. That all groups are not wholly altruistic is true. That love - human love, shall we say- can be imperfect and misguided at times is true as well. But, there is a capacity within every human being to identify with another, so long as the spark of love is there. 

It is this the capacity for identification and resulting unity which is that, the heart of any group. Without it all groups disintegrate and eventually fade away. We identify with each other because we feel that we are the same in some respects. This points to one of the primary teachings of all the great world religions: all souls are one and emanate from the same Source. In this identification with others we come to recognize there is something greater which binds us all together as a common human family. In this day and age of instant communications we realize our similarities, interdependencies and the necessity for understanding each other at an ever increasing speed and with over-riding urgency. We are quickly coming to the realization that to focus upon differences is folly and leads to undesirable ends, whereas to focus upon commonality and unity of purpose can bring about amazing results. 

At the heart of every human group we begin to see the workings of the heart of God in the form most recognizable to us. At the heart of every human group united in common good we can see love clearly as the binding force. Some people may react negatively to this idea of love as a great force. But, in reality, there is no greater force in our little world. Love is not some warm, fanciful sentiment. Nor is love passive or devoid of intelligence. Love is indeed a great, impelling, positive and truly intelligent force in nature. Not even an atheist can really deny the marvelous innate intelligence of groups within Nature or the potency of any group over an individual when focused on the same purpose. Some individuals can wield great power, but a group can surpass such power by magnitudes of order. The power of love as a binding and impelling force can be seen all around us, every day and in everything. All we have to do is broaden our perspectives a little to recognize that power and potency. 

So, if any group is ensouled and overshadowed by a greater consciousness, what is the greater consciousness overshadowing humanity? Is it God? Is it the angelic Hosts? Is that the vast Intelligence which is Nature? One thing we can be certain of it is that this ensouling Consciousness is greater than any human consciousness, especially if it guides us all in a common purpose. 

Throughout history every culture has had periodic occurrences when a great personage has appeared and brought forth a blueprint or code by which its members could live and progress to a greater measure than was normally possible. Such personages give us a glimpse into the greater Consciousness which guides all people because, to a degree, they exemplify some aspect of this greater Consciousness which we have yet to attain. It is as if the human over-soul sends such people to us as mentors and guides to step down the greater wisdom which guides us all into a form and medium we can all understand. It has been said that God wears many masks; i.e. God appears to us in a way which we can understand and which suits our needs. 

Whether one believes this greater Consciousness to be God, Nature, a Great Spirit, great Intelligence, or whatever, the fact remains: there is something or someone beyond our comprehension which has brought us into being and guides our course, sight-unseen. And, though it may seem amazing, almost without fail, this greater “Being” is seen to be benevolent, as having a plan for its charges and as inspiring us to be more than what we are as individuals and to aid our fellow travelers as we all fumble our way through life. 

Can the majority of us even imagine life without the recognition of this greater Truth which guides us? Do we really get a sense of fulfillment and purpose out of living without in some way aspiring to the examples set by this greater Truth and its messengers? Do we teach our children to be selfish and to go their own way, for example, or do we teach them to believe in something greater than ourselves and to aspire to universal ideals of goodness, fairness and greater communal values? How do we come to know “God” and thus this greater Heart which pours out its life and love to us in such abundance, supplies our every need and all without any apparent call of return? 

The experience of the human heart is universal. It goes beyond sex, race, culture, creed, nationality and personal experience. Strip away all personal differences and the universality of human experience and feeling stands revealed. There is a greater Ethic which guides us all, what ever our backgrounds and ensures our progress as a species. People everywhere share common ideals of what comprises goodness, truth and beauty in human expression regardless of their backgrounds and cultures. 

It has been said that absolutely everything is measured against the heart, and that the heart thrills to absolutely everything which impinges upon it. What does this mean? It means, simply, that if we go against what we know to be true in our hearts we suffer grievously. The mind can come up with any of thousands of reasons to do a thing or not to do it, but if the action or inaction offends our ethic - if it goes against our hearts - then the heart will eventually win the day. The mind may possess copious knowledge, but the birthplace of wisdom is the heart, and wisdom shows us the way to a greater measure of love. 

Love, through the heart, insures our integrity. Love is the “gold standard” and the gauge against which all experience is weighed. In our hearts we know if what we do is correct or not without having to think about it. The heart is the fountain of our being and its source. If one wants to know a thing then to go to the source of the thing (its heart) is the logical step. There is no substitute for direct experience when it comes to knowledge. When it comes to wisdom, though, there is no other way except through direct experience and then by gauging that experience against one’s heart - against one’s ethic. Though our hearts beat constantly, we seldom notice they are they are except in times of silence or in times of great distress. If we would take time out from our busy schedules each day and listen to our hearts (our subjective hearts) we would begin to know more about our purpose and whether or not the course of our lives is true. 

So, how do we begin to see into our own hearts and thus the heart of God in this seemingly chaotic world? We see the heart of God in action every time someone does something good, simply because it is the right thing to do and for no other reason, for example. We see the heart of God whenever a parent teaches their child right and wrong, a sense of responsibility and instills a sense of conscience in their little charge. We see the heart of God in the tremendous capacity and spirit of giving evidenced by a people to those less fortunate in their hour of need. We see the heart of God in the great works of art which lift humanity out of its everyday experience and which thrill the imagination to dream of greater things and better conditions. The heart of God shows even in our pets as, in their devotion to us, they aspire to be more than animals and to rise above their condition - all without knowing - simply because of what they are and because they serve us. As a result their service calls us to be more loving and render service to them in return. 

For, in the final analysis, perhaps the greatest expression of love is service - selflessly motivated, springing spontaneously from the center of our being, with no other thought than the uplifting and aiding of another. This service knows no boundary or limits. It can and does happen in nonhuman as well as the human kingdom. It is the prime method used to affect progress in evolution. And, if one does not believe subhuman lives can serve, consider the plant Kingdom. That Kingdom provides the fundamental source of food for all animals, plants and humans on this planet. It radiates great beauty. It provides many of our raw materials and the majority of the healing agents of human ills. And why does it to all this? It does this by simple virtue of what it is, by virtue of its being. And though we, as humans, commit all sorts of atrocities against that Kingdom of nature, still it never ceases to serve us, and provides for us in abundance. 

The superhuman kingdoms all serve as well, by simple virtue of their being, to continue with examples. Our Earth, this superb agglomeration of groups of all types, is our home and is one of the jewels of the solar system. That it serves us is beyond dispute. That our world serves a greater purpose may still be a question in the minds of some people, but we may, perhaps, safely say that it does serves a greater purpose. The great saints and personages from throughout history and in the present render service by being living examples of the true potential of human life. All the greatest miracle workers have stated in one way or another that they only demonstrate the bounty of God’s love to us and the potential we each have within us if only we would learn to love and thus serve more fully. But perhaps the greatest example of service we have before us is a thing we take for granted, yet see every day, at least through its effects, but without which we would all surely die - our own little star, the Sun. 

Little as we may realize it, the Sun is the central point of a stupendous Existence, which we call our solar system. This Existence is the sum total of our little local universe. It guides us all through space. The Sun nurtures and warms us, like a great central heart. It binds the solar system together and is the very life of that system. The quality of the Sun’s light determines the type of life that exists on our Earth. It preserves the integrity of our planet and is the very medium through which we evolve. It produces all that we see around us, either directly or indirectly. In some respects we are literally formed of its essence. We have no greater example of service or of God’s love for all than our own Sun. This great Heart, pouring out its light for all things is literally a shining example of all things relating to the heart of God, and we can draw many analogies from it. 

As inexorably as the sun traverses the sky, so we are all led to the heart of God. Though we pass through storms, through the darkness of night, though eclipses and calamities may blot out the sun’s light, it remains; ever-shining, bestowing its light and its life on us, whether we notice or not, whether we care or not. The Sun always shines beyond our little place in the world, always guaranteeing us another day of warmth and life. It does so because of what it is, not because it wants anything. The heart of God can be likened to the Sun. God is love and the great engine of God’s heart beats eternally. Thus the example is set for everyone: Be who you are. Give because you are and of what you are. Do not cease, nor retreat. Shine throughout your days and work behind the scenes at night. All who are around you benefit from your light and draw sustenance and succor from that light. Life around you withers and dies if your light retreats for too long. Draw out your kindred lights and make of our world a lighted Palace. The word from God’s heart goes out, at every moment and in every corner - “I AM, and thus your existence is assured. You are always one with me, as are all others and all things. My Light is Love and is yours beyond all measure and without surcease. Give of all you are as I give to you and you will be forever filled. Love, as I love you and you will know my heart which beats eternally for all.” 

Through our being and through our serving we come to know the heart of God. Let all lives around us thus be served. Then the chosen Coming One will return to earth. The very heart of God beats through each and every one of us, at all times and for all lives around us. May your life shine as brightly as a Sun!

From the Point of Light within the Mind of God, let Light stream forth into human minds, let Light descend on Earth.   From the Point of Love within the Heart of God, let Love stream forth into human hearts, may the Coming One return to Earth.  From the center where the Will of God is known, let Purpose guide all little human wills, the Purpose which the Masters know and serve.  From the center which we call the human race, let the Plan of Love, and Light work out, and may it seal the door where evil dwells.  Let Light, and Love, and Power restore the Plan on Earth.